Although Cicoria Tree possesses some of the most modern equipment in the tree industry, there are some jobs that require the skill of a professional tree climber. There are certain situations in which the use of a truck and special equipment is no substitute for a skilled climber. Whether it be the removal of a 100 foot pine tree from a difficult location or fine pruning within a delicate canopy that cannot be penetrated by a bucket truck, Cicoria Tree has knowledgeable, skilled tree climbers that are capable of handling any job. A good tree climber is the foundation of our industry; it takes a special combination of experience, talent, strength, artistry and confidence. Here at Cicoria Tree, we fondly recall the difficult jobs of yesterday and look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

  • 33 ton 160 foot Crane
  • 4 Log Trucks
  • Bucket Trucks, working heights 58', 62', and 77'
  • 5 Chip Trucks
  • Stump Grinder



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